About Educraftech

Founded in 2014, Educraftech is leading Research and Embedded Systems Company located in Bangalore. Research, Innovation, and Education are the three pillars of Educraftech. Design and Development of Embedded systems and IoT products, Research Solutions, and Global Standard Education are the major services of the company.

Embedded Systems

Educraftech is a leading Embedded Systems development company in Bangalore developing Research Kits, Innovative Products, and Development Modules.


Founded as a core Research Company, Educraftech is dedicated to innovate solutions through Research. Research Methodologies developed by Educraftech are hugely popular.


Bridging the gap between Academia and Industry while imparting the Knowledge through creative methods is the philosophy of Educraftech.

Why Educraftech?

The uniqueness of any product depends on the creative brains that visualize the solution and materialize the thought. Educraftech is the brainchild of likeminded young professionals with Expertise and Experience in the fields of Electronics and Computer Science. We bring together state-of-the art technologies and Research Expertise to solve real-time problems.






Projects Completed



Our Products


Smart Plug

Educraftech has designed and developed an innovative model of Smart Plug with advanced networking and User Interface.


Home Automation

Educraftech offers customized Home Automation Solution such as Smart Doors, Smart Lighting, Smart Security Systems and IoT Products.



Educraftech is actively engaged in developing solutions for Smart City Projects through Networking,Wireless Connectivity, and IoT products.


Research Kit

Educraftech offers customized IoT Research Kit which was developed by a team of young professionals and brilliant students.The research kit is first of its kind which can be used to conduct more than 50 Experiments.

Educraftech Milestones

2014- Founded as a Research Company

2015 - Embedded Systems product development

2016 - Collaborations with Companies and Universities

2017 - Recognition as a Startup by Govt. of India

2018 - Smart-Plug Design and Development

2019 - Smart City Project


"It was a great platform to realize our potential and work towards our weakness. I can say without doubt that this internship has given me goals to work towards, everyday."

"This open course of five days has thought me a lot in both practical and theoretical ways.I can strongly say that I've learnt something very useful throughout my engineering life in these five days."

"A place where you can get immense knowledge about the latest technologies, the present work style of industries, report writing, and bridging the gap between theory and practical knowledge."

"The training provided helped me think differently and plan to start my own company. This company doesn't follow the standard methods but designs one that's suitable for you."

"Awesome place where one can get ultimate satisfaction for his tech hunger; the people who are working here are really good and are friendly. Finally i can say it is a recommended place for technical and research assistance.10/10."

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