Blended Education

With responsible commitment towards education, Educraftech offers a unique and creative Education System for Undergraduate and Post graduate students. There are three objectives of Blended Education - Inspire students to learn practically by implementing their ideas, Bridge the gap between Academics and Industry, and Prepare young talents to be future and career ready.


We strongly believe that every person is born-creative with natural instincts. If the person is forced/pressurized to follow rigid rules to be productive, the creativity is gradually suppressed.

We create a platform in such a way that learning is both fun and naturally creative. Resources are provided and Experiments/Activities are designed to build any idea. We believe learning is a journey but not strictly result-based.

Activities and Demo

Educraftech believes in nourishing the soil rather than pulling up the plant. Exposure to practical aspects and activities is given highest priority. When an infant is given a toy, it experiments with the toy in all posible ways(Biting, Chewing, Stomping etc.) before realizing that the given article is a toy. Similarly, students should be allowed to experiment in order to realize the true purpose of the subjects.


Educraftech has designed a unique curriculum to undergraduate students that includes combination of theory and practical aspects of technical courses. Each component of the curriculum is meticulously designed and used to train hundreds of students. The results are documented and analyzed to find Enhanced Creativity, Higher analytical skills, Problem solving approach, and Innovative thinking as outcomes.

Entrepreneurship Training


We define idea as the journey from problem to solution. It is an idea that gave us Wheel, Electricity, Computers, and everything that we enjoy today. However, it is surprising to know that there is minimal/no emphasis on the process of how to come up with an idea. Educraftech has designed a standard process in which a person uses differnt tools and methods to come up with a new idea to solve a problem.


All the successful startups in the world started with an idea that was converted into reality. We offer a detailed and practical method and take you through the journey from Idea to Startup

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